SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Tens of thousands of PG&E customers might be in for a bleak evening starting Monday night as the company says it may have to cut the power off in parts of six counties in Northern California.

“This is for the safety of the communities when there is potential for elevated weather conditions that could threaten a portion of the electric system,” Deanna Contreras, PG&E spokesperson, said.

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Placer, El Dorado, Butte, Yuba, Nevada and Sutter counties could be impacted. The utility said that there are roughly 69,000 customers in those counties.

PG&E stated that safety is top of mind and the looming power shut off is meant to cut down on the risk of wildfires.

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A Red Flag Warning has been issued for Monday through Wednesday. But some people in El Dorado Hills told CBS13 they’re not looking forward to living like they’re in the 1920s.

“I wouldn’t like it…It’d be a little bit of an inconvenience,” Barney Burleson said.

“I’d definitely be upset if I couldn’t do like the common functionalities of my house,” Kaden West said.

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Others say it’s a give or take.

“I don’t want the power off. Although, I do want there to be less risk,” Janice Ewing said.

Cal Fire told CBS13 that anything that’s done proactively to get rid of any fire starters is a benefit to any community. Some people in these potentially impacted areas said they’re all for this inconvenience if it protects them.

“Residents need to be a little bit more understanding,” Jennifer McLaughlin said. “Either we’re going to see more fires potentially or take risks to avoid them.”

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PG&E said people should be prepared if Monday night gets a little dimmer.

“Make sure all of your batteries for your flashlights and your phones are charged,” Contreras said. “And that you’ve taken an inventory, what needs power, do you have medications that need to be refrigerated.”

PG&E’s notice stated most of the Public Safety Power Shutoffs are restored with 24 to 48 hours. But, Contreras said that the timeframes can change depending on the given weather patterns and warnings.

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Contreras also said that the utility monitors a variety of factors such as red flag warning, wind speeds and humidity before issuing these shutdowns.