ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A Roseville man is behind bars after police said he sent threatening messages to his neighbors claiming he’d harm anyone who stepped foot onto his front lawn.

According to police, the threats were serious and included pictures of a gun, gun magazines, and bullets.

“I’m still afraid, to be honest; we’re all still afraid; we’re on edge,” said one woman who lives in the quiet neighborhood off the 4000 block of Southampton street.

She did not wish to be identified but says her neighbor, Wen Jie Huang, had a problem with children playing ball around his front yard.

“I don’t know where his anger came from; it’s not like the kids broke windows or vandalized his property at all,” the woman said. “All they did was step in the yard to grab their ball.”

Adrian Brooks, another neighbor of Huang, said, “He said he was having an issue with kids running through his yard, just being kids, chasing their balls, turning their bikes and scooters around in his driveway. He seemed irritated.”

That irritation soon took a criminal turn. Police said Huang texted a neighbor an alarming and threatening message.

”He sent me pictures of his loaded gun sitting in front of his windows where the kids obviously play. Basically, he said that he will not be afraid to shoot anyone who goes onto his property,” said the woman who didn’t want to be identified.

The text, which included photographs of a Glock handgun with gun magazines and bullets, ultimately lead to Huang’s arrest, but neighbors still fear for their safety, worried he’ll return.

“It makes me not want to let my kids outside, I’m afraid to have them walk the dogs…walk this way,” said another mother in the neighborhood.

Huang was arrested Thursday for making criminal threats involving a firearm. He was booked into Placer County Jail. His firearm was seized pending the outcome of the criminal case.