STOCKTON (CBS13) – Fed up with trash and debris, some Stockton residents are taking matters into their own hands.

Over the weekend, a number of community members including veterans stepped up to clean up the Mormon slough, that’s been prone to fires. 

But the men who started the cleanup effort never thought it would blow up the way it did. It started as a Facebook post, that got the right people together to help. And once they posted a video of their work online, in just 4 days it has more than 56 thousand views and hundreds of comments of praise. 

The video shows a community coming together as one- to clean. And it’s captured the hearts of hundreds of people in Stockton who are filled with gratitude. 

“Thank you for it, if I see it, I’ll stop by and help, it’s a beautiful thing,” said Nester who lives in the area. 

Commander Ryan Casperson with Chapter 33-2 of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, volunteer Patrick Miller, and Brandon Bearce of Big Blue Junk Removal- helped organize. They saw a real need at the Wilson way underpass. 

“To see our city burning, filled with trash, it’s heartbreaking, it’s time to take action,” said Casperson. 

“If the city doesn’t want to get involved, and help this situation, because of the garbage, cars, and tires inside of our slough, then we’ll step up and do something about it,” said Miller. 

The Mormon slough is where a lot of homeless live, fires have started and there is a lot of trash and debris build-up. 

And So With a call to action, more than 100 Stocktonians with masks and gloves on, got to work. 

“We came out here, picking it all up. Brought in a Bobcat and started hauling. 

There was everything you can imagine, mattresses, tires, trash…” said Casperson. 

Casperson says on that same day, the city’s public works department also happened to be out cleaning, but organizers say the city hasn’t been doing enough. 

“I couldn’t understand how it got to that degree. Especially cause it’s in our slough, our waterways,” said Miller. 

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, the Facebook video of the clean up is going viral with more than 56k views, and nearly 1000 shares.

It’s A true testament to the power of one community 

“If we can all step up and protect the city we love, we should do it,” said Miller. 

Organizers say they want to work with the city. A Stockton city spokesperson says they welcome the help. She adds the city does do regular cleanings, but its challenging work and expensive.