WOODLAND (CBS13) — Brandi Swift and her husband James say Sunday felt a little like a dream.

“Our kids wouldn’t believe us when we won. It took them literally five hours to believe us,” Brandi Swift said.

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James Swift said he buys lotto tickets probably once every two to three weeks, spending $5 dollars on a ticket.

This time he spent $1 and it was a winner. A $9 million winner.

Brandi said she went to work on Sunday not knowing her husband drew the winning ticket at her Raley’s on Main Street in Woodland. She went home on her lunch break and found out the great news.

“When I walked in the door I was like, ‘Someone won $9 million, did you buy a ticket?’ He said yes,” Brandi said. “And, I won’t use the language are used but said ‘don’t mess with me right now, did you really buy a ticket?’”

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The drive home was a white-knuckle one.

“I was so nervous going home on my lunch break after I found out we won it was like irritation,” Brandi said. “I woke up at 5:30 in the morning so tired and sore and drug my butt in here up rich didn’t even know it.”

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But they were a little anxious once they had the winning ticket.

“First of all you win it and I feel fantastic. But it’s a Sunday and then it’s a holiday so you have secure the ticket which we managed to do,” James Swift said. “And even though you know you won it, and then it’s just okay, what are you gonna do with the money?”

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So what are the Swifts going to do with all of that money?

“Buy a little house. We’re downsizing everything that we have so that we can have a quiet life and that’s gonna be our first thing,” Brandi Swift said.

It couldn’t have come at a better time. James has been on disability from his job at Walgreens and they had a death in their family.

“We had a change in our lives. Things got rough and here we are every answer to our prayers in one second,” Brandi Swift said.

What may have seemed like a dream is now a reality for the Swifts. They can now move on to the next chapter of their lives.

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“I have a lot of plans to make. And now I get to be a mommy and a grandma and a wife and be at home,” Brandi Swift said.