KINGS BEACH (CBS13) – With the help of some brave and friendly deputies, a bear family was reunited after a cub somehow got stuck inside a dumpster near Lake Tahoe.

The incident happened at a Kings Beach motel early Tuesday morning.

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As captured on camera by the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, deputies rolled up to the scene and found a momma bear and one of her cubs pacing around a dumpster. The deputies soon realized that the bears weren’t just foraging, they were trying to rescue another cub that had gotten stuck inside.

In Photos: Deputies rescue trapped bear cub (swipe for more)

Heartbreakingly, the free cub could be seen clawing at the dumpster – apparently trying to get it open and rescue their sibling.

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Deputies Bryant, Staley and Nevins quickly came up with a plan to free the cub.

First, the deputies drove up to the dumpster – using the patrol vehicle as a barrier. One deputy then used a pole and slowly raised the lid and propped it up.

Another deputy then dropped a ladder into the dumpster.

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A little while later, the bear cub climbs out and runs back to their family.