Good Day Potluck
Jordan’s Pumpkin Crunch

Cody’s World-Famous Pasta Salad

Courtney’s Quick & Easy Big ‘Ol Peach Cobbler

Tina’s Grilled Corn Salad

Julissa’s Oreo Cookie Ball Tree

The Mill
6423 Elvas Ave.
(916) 942-9695

Truck school
1450 Richards Blvd.

Christine Mango
IG: @christinemango
What’s New for Back to School – school supplies – back to school photo prop and teachers decor – kids back to school 2-1 cuddly stuffed animals that transform into hoodies

Mezger Family Zinnia Patch
Open mid June-end of Aug. sun up-sunset
see above
Facebook is Lodi Musical Theater
Delta College box office number for tickets is (209)954-5110
Or visit and go to “box office” to purchase tickets on line

MidiCi Pizza
728 K St.
(916) 431-7341


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