FAIR OAKS (CBS13) — A family outing at the world’s largest bounce house reportedly left a three-year-old girl with burns on her back.

Her mother believes employees could have done more to protect the child.

The problem was the heat. The Sacramento family said the bounce houses were so hot, they could barely walk on them. But the company is saying they did everything possible to keep kids safe.

A family friend claims a burn on her foot happened even with socks on. (credit: Eberhardt Family)

It wasn’t the day three-year-old Violet was expecting. She left the world’s largest bouncy house with burns on her stomach and back.

A family friend claims a burn on her foot happened even with socks on.

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“Once we were in there we couldn’t get out until we got to the halfway mark so then we had no choice but go through the burning slides,” said Trisha Eberhardt.

“They were crying in pain and I couldn’t help them,” said Daniel Eberhardt.

Trisha Eberhardt and her husband Daniel think employees should have done more to keep the bounce houses cool.

“Some kind of canopy over it or shade so that the sun wasn’t beating down on it,” Trisha Eberhardt said.

The Eberhardts say they were there attending a special event for toddlers meant for three years and under.

CBS13 spoke with a manager who didn’t go on camera but says there’s an EMT on bounce house grounds. They also have misters to cool people down and everyone is required to wear socks.

She said nothing like this had ever happened before.

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“As I was sitting there cooling off I could hear everybody talking about the same thing that was happening to us, we weren’t the only ones,” Eberhardt said.

The Eberhardts hope in the future that the company will schedule special sessions for toddlers at an earlier, cooler time.

Upper management did send the Eberhardts an email saying they would check into this matter.