TRUCKEE (CBS13) – It’s a Facebook face-off, a heated exchange on the social media site didn’t stop at the keyboard.

It turned into a physical confrontation and then a shooting. Tonight, one man is in the hospital, the other in jail.

Truckee police say Michael Woll is facing assault with a deadly weapon charge for shooting a man who confronted him at his home over a days-long Facebook exchange. The Facebook dispute was centered on the arrest of a Truckee Pop Warner coach for alleged possession of child pornography.

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A screen grab shows Woll posted on Facebook: “Highly unethical of a law enforcement agency to post anything about an ongoing investigation on social media.”

Facebook friend Gayden Rosales first responds: “Mike you saying that because you’re a friend of his?”

The exchange continues with Woll calling Rosales an “imbecile” and Rosales posting: “You don’t want to be the reason ‘I get off the keyboard.’”

Woll then posts: “Are you threatening me?!?” And follows that with a series of curse words directed at Rosales.

Police say Rosales confronted Woll at Woll’s home, and the two engaged in a physical fight before Woll allegedly shot Rosales in the chest, say police.

Police tape is still up shows where police found Rosales after the shooting.

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Patrick Carland lives on the street where the violent confrontation took place and watched as police responded to the scene. They told telling residents to stay inside their homes.

“It was pretty intense at the very beginning,” Carland said.

Carland knows both men.

“Would not have expected them to be the ones involved, but unfortunately they were,” he said.

Carland says he is stunned that an online argument between the men could spiral into a shooting.

“It’s very easy to escalate. If you look at the exchange that’s there, you can see Mike and Gayden escalating it and then, unfortunately, taking it too far,” he said.

Truckee police say Rosales is in stable condition.

Woll is due in court July 2 to be formally charged.