CERES (CBS13) – You could call them a “triple threat.”Three brothers from Ceres all earned national boxing titles this year and they’re leaving for the Junior Olympics in Madison, Wisconsin today!

Their goal? To bring back another “hat trick.”

CBS13 caught up with the Flores family as they geared up for their big boxing bouts.

“It’s a tough business, said the boys’ father Damian Flores. “Getting punched in the face, not everyone is built for that and they’ve achieved a lot these last few years and they’re growing together as a unit so I’m pretty excited to see what they’ll do.”

You don’t want to mess with the Flores family.

“We’re going to the Junior Olympics June 22rd in Madison, Wisconsin,” he added.

Twelve-year-old Damian has quick hands.

“Real slick, that’s his name in the ring,” said his father.

Eleven-year-old Andre likes to “juke and jab.”

“That’s where he gets the name “Equalizer,” Flores explained.

And eight-year-old Damon is a “southpaw.”

“Which is an advantage period,” he said.

His nickname is pistol because his father said he’s “strong, smart and likes to pick his shots.”

“He got that name by another coach. He said look at him running around here like a little pistol and so that name stuck,” he explained.

Together the boys make for an unstoppable team.

“I like to hit people,” the younger Damian joked.

All three are national champions.

“Two of them won the Silver Gloves Tournament in February, the Nationals. Then one won in March at the USA Regional and then all three of them won the Junior Golden Gloves District and then all three of them won the Title Nationals together,” said Flores.

The trio trains at the Salvation Army Red Shield Boxing Club in Modesto.

“This is probably the most respectful youth program I’ve encountered,” said Cory Lane, Field Supervisor with the Police Activities League. “Every single one of them says hello ma’am, hello sir, yes ma’am, yes sir and gives handshakes when they leave.”

Flores said the family boxing dynasty got its start there.

“My cousin is a professional fighter and my grandfather is a Bay Area hall of famer so it’s just in the blood,” he added.

Flores is not only their father; he also helps coach the boys.

“They’re good kids, he said. “It’s not a fluke. They train hard and they’re up there with the top fighters in the country.”

The boys also spar together and help each other out.

“It’s a lot of hours,” said Damon.

When the older and younger boxing brothers took home their national qualifying titles, Andre said, “I was like I have to win this. I have to close the show.”

Andre was the last, but not least who sealed the deal; allowing all three of them to earn national championship belts.

“I’m ecstatic. Excited,” said Flores.

Together they knocked out the competition and paved a path for a possible sibling sweep at the National Junior Olympics in Madison, Wisconsin.

“There’s three currently, but I know there’s another coming up so maybe we’ll have four here in the next couple of years once the younger one comes in,” said Lane.

While the journey has so far proven victorious, Flores said it hasn’t always been easy.

“It’s difficult for my oldest because his Mother has breast cancer,” he said. “He’s having a hard time. It kind of breaks my heart because I see it when he’s boxing. He lets that all out.”

The younger Damian will be thinking about her in the ring as he competes for a Junior Olympics Title over the next week.

“Do you have a signature move?” asked CBS13.

“Yes, the “Step Over.”

“Does it work?” we asked.

“Every time,” he said.

The 48th annual National Junior Olympics is one of USA Boxing’s most prestigious national tournaments.

It’s going on now through June 29th.