by Rob Malcolm

CALAVERAS COUNTY (CBS13) – Rescue crews in Calaveras County are heading back out into Lake Tulloch Monday to search for a plane that went ditched into the water on Sunday after apparently hitting power lines.

The Calaveras and Tuolumne county sheriffs departments protected a wide perimeter least 150 feet deep on the lake where the plane went down.

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Witnesses say the heart-pounding moments before the low-flying plane nosedived were briefly caught on video.

In security camera footage, you see the plane flying low and slowly moments before hitting power lines and plunging into the lake in the Poker Flats area. Witnesses say the plane was putting on a little show for people on a boat below.

“We just heard this huge we didn’t see it crash we saw it go down,” said Susan Schall of Pleasanton. ” They told us the plane was coming in doing a fly by to say hello their family like it was pre-scheduled do a little tip of the wing”

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A number of eye witnesses we spoke with said there are unmarked high-tension wires near where the plane crashed.

“It was going so slow and hit the wire and the wing hit the cable and just eeeerch went down like that,” said Danielle Ghiriinghelli.

Power was knocked out for at least 1,700 customers but PG&E had it restored by late afternoon.


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