by Rob Malcolm

ROCKLIN (CBS13) – The Rocklin High School Choir is getting in another rehearsal before hitting the stage this week with rock ‘n roll group Foreigner.

Opportunities like this don’t come around too often

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“So when you get an invite like this — especially with a band like Foreigner — everyone’s going to jump on that opportunity,” said Rocklin High Choral Director Shawn Spiess.

On Monday night, the kids were pitch perfect and ready to take center stage at Thunder Valley Casino, singing a hit from 1984…before their time.

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“My mom loves Foreigner and she jumped at the opportunity ‘you have to do this, you have to do it,,” said Rocklin High senior Aly Cahoon.

The choir was invited in late March and have been practicing ever since.

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“To be able to choose 25 singers it’s a great honor,” said Spiess.

The school boasts 180 singers. Even those not getting on stage will benefit from the performance.

“They’ve been doing this all over the world they always have a choir involved and make a donation to the group,” said Spiess.

Thunder Valley and foreigner will each donate $500 to Rocklin High School’s music program the chance to rock out a little overwhelming.

“I signed up almost immediately; I was like oh I gotta do this,” said Rocklin High School junior Andrew Hamblen.

This group has traveled all over the country, but this performance in their backyard in the sold-out amphitheater has the butterflies circling.

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“If your not a little nervous on stage something wrong they do this all the time they perform everywhere,” said Spiess.