SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — We are always on the go and always on our electronic devices. So what would you think about people as a power source?

One local company has a bright idea and now has a patent approved. Like many great ideas, this started with a conversation over a beer. A father and son considered the power of people, horsepower harnessed through this device. A bright idea is powering new technology inside their Sacramento workshop

“As long as you are alive it’s pulling power off you,” said Zach Spencer.

Zack Spencer and his Brian Spencer just received a patent for a charger they developed that takes energy from people and turns it into power.

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“An athlete will make almost like horsepower, or power, just sitting there, so if we can scavenge the power and use it for something; why not?” said Zack Spencer.

The device takes the expansion and contraction of chest muscles and turns it into electricity. The two plugged into the idea as a way to power cell phones, laptops, and medical devices.

You can wear the charger anywhere on your body, while walking, sitting, or sleeping. But the less you move, the less energy you make.

“The amount of power generated is enough to power a cell phone while talking on it,” said Zack Spencer.

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The prototype is aluminum but ideally, it would be plastic and smaller, like a heart rate monitor.

“Make it as light as we possibly can,” said Brian Spencer.

The two, who have created other products for the military, say this charger would also be helpful in battle.

“A soldier carries over nine pounds of batteries, so if you can cut that in half — doesn’t sound like a lot but if you are walking 20 miles with four or five extra pounds, I think you are going to care,” said Brian Spencer.

The device can also store the power you made. These engineers wouldn’t let us in on all their secrets, but it’s no secret they are looking for partners to bring this to the commercial marketplace.

The price of the unit would be under $50.