SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Roseville woman’s aviation dreams are coming true… for the second time.

(credit: Vicki Heath)

Tracy Sharp lives with Down Syndrome. She always wanted to be a flight attendant, and last August she became one with the help of her “fairy godmother,” Southwest veteran flight attendant Vicki Heath. Now, Heath and Southwest are granting another wish of Sharp’s: to be a co-pilot.

A retired Southwest captain is furnishing his private aircraft and allowing Sharp to be his co-pilot. Sharp will be dressed in an official Southwest Airlines Pilot uniform, wings included, and is excited to take to the skies.

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Sharp’s time as a flight attendant was just the beginning of her Southwest adventures. In November, Sharp was invited to the Southwest Headquarters where she participated in the SWA winning spirit award, according to Heath. There she received a standing ovation from the crowd and got a private meeting with CEO Gary Kelley.

For her birthday in December, Heath met Sharp and her parents in Disneyland. The pair were also featured in Woman’s World magazine and the Southwest Airlines magazine.

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Last week, Heath said, she met up with the family again in Disneyland to go to Club 33. On that trip, Sharp learned about her new adventure.