Yasmeen Hassan Reporting

RIPON (CBS13) — The Ripon Police Department is warning parents about “Water Wars.”

It’s like a giant game of tag or paintball, only with water and students have to pay to play. They draw names of other students and then it’s their job to eliminate that student.

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“I’ve had friends that sit on the top of their roof and they’ll have a hose and they’ll, like, spray them,” said resident Michelle Kottler.

Almost everyone we talked to said this game is exactly what kids need. They’re off their phones, getting out of the house, and playing outside. But police are worried parents don’t know the extent of what’s happening.

Since Monday, the Ripon Police Department responded to 17 calls related to Water Wars. Within just the last 24 hours, police say one player pulled a knife on another. Someone crashed into a tree and another drove into a garage.

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“Somebody pulled into her driveway trying to escape from getting shot with a water gun, dented their garage and their car,” one resident, Cindy Mello, said.

The rules clearly state, “shooting in or out of a moving vehicle is prohibited.”

The winner of the game takes home money.  We’re talking about over a thousand dollars, which might be motivating some to break the rules.

“They’ll be like driving around and everybody’s got their guns hanging out of the window and if they see somebody they’ll get you,” Kottler said.

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The students running the game are trying to get the message out, tweeting: “please respect everyone’s property and don’t do anything to damage anyone’s homes or cars” and “water wars is not an excuse to break any laws”.