Yasmeen Hassan Reporting

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — A terrifying man in a black mask, armed with a screwdriver, was caught on camera walking up to a home in Elk Grove stealing cameras.

“We have four dogs and not one of them heard him. So he is very quiet,” Chantelle Espinoza said.

Starting off on the side of the house, the thief cut the circuit breaker to the garage.

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“So he cut the power to the camera, so when he stole the camera there was no video of him stealing the camera,” Espinoza said.

But there is a crystal-clear video of him walking up to the doorbell camera.

“That was very creepy because that plastic black mask is very creepy,” Espinoza said.

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Even though he took off with the physical camera, the Ring app still saved the video. As surveillance cameras become more popular in and around homes, they also become more popular with thieves.

Tamperproof screws can help secure the cameras. but if you do have a Ring device stolen, the company does have a protection policy. Just send in a copy of your police report, and you can get a replacement for free.

“Hopefully it doesn’t get stolen again and again and again and again,” Espinoza said.