by Yasmeen Hassan

YUBA COUNTY (CBS13) — A Yuba County code enforcement officer is on administrative after he was caught on video swearing at a woman about her RV.

“He’s like, ‘Get out of here, get out of here.’ And I didn’t understand at first what was going on. He was ranting and raving, ‘I’m tired of cleaning up after you dirtbags,’” Honna Stradiota said.

Honna says a few hours before the video was taken, she was told by an officer she needed to move the RV. Then another officer showed up and told her again. This time, swearing at her and calling her names.

Honna says she has no idea why he feels like he can treat her like that. She says she tried telling him she was going to move the RV, but he was too angry to listen.

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Now that this video is being shared online, people are rallying behind Honna.

“Nobody should be treated that way and talked to and demeaned. What happened to her is a tragedy,” Jason Steele said.

“All people I never knew. I never knew any of them. Offering their help. Giving me phone numbers if I need anything,” Honna said.

CBS13 reached out to the county & received a statement saying in part:  “We are conducting a full investigation of this incident, and we will do whatever it takes to address this matter.”

The officer involved has also be placed on paid administrative leave while the county investigates.