SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The mountain lion seen roaming in a Natomas neighborhood over the weekend is back in a more suitable habitat.

The quiet neighborhood is breathing a sigh of relief knowing that mountain lion is back in the wild. The big cat first appeared on Bryn Oshea’s doorbell camera, but he didn’t get far.

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Sacramento police and animal control officers were on the scene in minutes with the CHP chopper tracking the cat from above, watching him run in and out of backyards and even pausing for a nap.

Wildlife biologists moved in with a tranquilizer dart and the sedated cat was taken away from the city, dropped off in an undisclosed part of Placer County.

“It’s probably got a nasty hangover today and will probably take some time to get back to get adjusted to habitat. So hopefully it stays and we never hear from it again,” said Patrick Foy, Captain of the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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Foy says it would not be uncommon for this type of a lion to wander back. He said the young male is at the age where they are separating the mother lion.

“They’ll move down into places where they’re not finding that much pressure from a dominant mountain lions,” Foy said. “Ending up in places like here, Mountain View, San Diego, Middle of Auburn. All these places where we’ve caught lions.”

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Even though the large cats are finding their way into heavily-populated areas, Foy said attacks against humans are rare. In California, there have been a total of 17 fatal mountain lion attacks in the last century.

Biologists say they like family pets but prefer to prey on deer.

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Officials said if you encounter a mountain lion, don’t turn around and run the other way. It’s best to stand tall and back away, and if you’re attacked, fight back. Use your bare hands or even a big pen to fight it off.