EMIGRANT GAP (CBS13) — Interstate 80 re-opened around 6 p.m. Friday, allowing travelers to go over the mountain road following a more than 24-hour closure.

For some businesses over the Donner pass, the closure cost cash.

Boreal mountain looked abandoned, as the ski resort had to close its operation. Some restaurants and motels suffered too. Lock Leven Lodge on Donner Lake had a number of cancellations by guests who stayed away because of the I-80 shutdown.

“We have grace to some people that were traveling from far and near, and the impact was, we did lose some business,” said Mike Bloemsna.

Bloemsna, the lodge manager, said he’s been busy shoveling snow three times a day.

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“When storms are like this, I set my clock for two in the morning, eight in the morning, and three in the afternoon,” he said.

Caltrans closed the roadway to all travel because the snowstorm was causing low visibility, leaving the typically busy corridor, empty.

On I-80 at 5 p.m., there wasn’t a car or truck to be seen for miles. The closure included a nearly 100-mile section of I-80 from Colfax to the state line.

Now with the road reopened, mountain businesses are ready to welcome their customers back.

Chain controls are still in effect.