Mugo Odigwe reporting

PLACERVILLE (CBS13) — Elevations as low as Placerville saw snow overnight and into the afternoon Tuesday. The snowy weather caused many people to change their plans for the day.

“It shut down our whole street and my business got shut down, school got shut down,” said Jeff Little.

With schools closed for the day, the Little family spent the day in Main Street Placerville including 9-year-old Meredith little who says a snow day means she gets to spend the day with her parents.

“He doesn’t really come home till late and then she sometimes is at work a lot,” she said about her parents’ work schedule.

Her mom, Fran Little, says they have a family tradition for rare snow days.

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“We walk through the snow and we get something to eat and drink take lots of pictures,” she said.

Meanwhile, Oak Ridge High School students also got a day off school.

“We’re going to go have lunch and then we’re going to take pictures,” they said, adding that they are excited a storm rolled through the area. “Cause we don’t have to do our homework.”

While students are happy about a snow day, it’s caused a headache for some residents and businesses.

“I have gas to cook with but my refrigerator is electric and I don’t want to open it up and ruin the food in it,” said Terry Cola.

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She and her husband stopped by Main Street Placerville to get lunch because the power went out in their neighborhood overnight. To their disappointment, some businesses were also closed because of the power outage.

“There’s a few places open but they are all real crowded,” Cola said.

“Most of the places here on Main Street still have power,” said Fran.

As for Meredith, she says she has no complaints.

“I think it’s really fun. Get to play around the snow,” she said.

PG&E said about there were 130 outages in the region and that they are working to get power back on.