SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Parents will do just about anything for their kids, even if it means camping out in stormy weather to sign them up for school. For some parents in the San Juan Unified School District, getting a first crack at signing up for transitional kindergarten (TK) meant lining up Sunday afternoon.

One parent, Diana, braved the elements from Sunday at noon through Monday morning to make sure her child gets first dibs on a TK school next year. Other parents soon followed her lead, and before you knew it, a line of more than 50 dedicated parents formed outside the enrollment center for San Juan Unified.

The TK program for San Juan is all based on a first-come, first served basis with 14 school site for parents to choose from. It’s not based on where you live, or if you have other kids going to the school where you want to enroll your child.

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The process is not the same in every district though. In Elk Grove Unified, parents can register their children online for TK.

The program is free for local families, which is another reason, parents say, so many are willing to camp out for their kids. All student enrolling in a TK program have all of the required vaccinations by August 1 or this year.

Transitional kindergarten started after California changed its kindergarten enrollment date from Dec. 2 to Sept. 1. Meaning, the child entering kindergarten must be five-years-old on Sept. 1 to enroll.

The change became law in 2010, but school districts had until 2012 to adjust. TK is open to students who turn five between Sept. 2 and Dec. 2.