Sacramento (CBS13) – Last-minute Christmas shoppers braved wet weather and mind numbing mall traffic on Monday evening.

“It was terrible; we almost got in a wreck on the freeway. People are just impatient,” said Jill Curtis.

The National Retail Federation says seven percent of holiday shoppers wait until Christmas Eve to buy their gifts.

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“It’s a day to choose to do it!,” one shoppers said as he ran inside.

But those professional procrastinators wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’ve been doing this the past 12 years, so to me, I’m pretty used to it,” said Antonio Padilla.

They say the deals are better and if you’re early enough, the crowds are calmer.

“It’s abnormal, especially now…not as much traffic as there was,” said a mall worker.

Outside however, the downpour and the countdown was stressful.

“[I] just wish we didn’t have to come the day before Christmas,” one woman yelled from her car.

But it wasn’t enough to dampen the spirit.

“Merry Christmas,” another shopper yelled.