PARADISE (CBS13/AP) – PG&E says it found damaged power lines and other equipment with bullet holes at two sites near where the Camp Fire is believed to have started.

Pacific Gas & Electric on Tuesday told regulators that inspectors found a broken hook and a “flash mark” on a high-voltage tower, suggesting a power line broke free and made contact with the tower at the same location and time the Nov. 8 fire is believed to have started.

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PG&E also told the California Public Utilities Commission that several miles away workers found a fallen power pole and equipment with bullet holes.

Investigators have not determined what caused the wildfire. A growing number of fire victims have filed lawsuits alleging that PG&E’s equipment started the fire that destroyed the town of Paradise and killed at least 86 people.

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The Camp Fire is the state’s most destructive wildfire in at least a century.