ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Police are issuing a word of warning after several Christmas decorations were swiped.

Thieves came in the night and without a care in sight snatched Santa’s sleigh from Antelope resident Cecilia Casagrande’s home.

“Bring it back. Go work for it, go work for your stuff,” Casagrande said. “This was the big reindeer. It literally goes from all the way here to the other side.”

She couldn’t believe her eyes. After all, Casagrande says it’s an 18-year tradition and now some of its missing.

“Upset that they just took it. You know we work hard for it and the sleigh was just $250 and now it’s just gone, it’s just gone,” she said.

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Her decorations are missing along with dozens of others who reported the crime. Even their nutcracker was swiped from outside.

“Everything from inflatable snowman to laser lights that people have out,” said Rob Baquera, Roseville PD Spokesman.

Roseville PD is sending a warning to keep valuables out of sight. Which is hard to do when the point is to shine bright at night.

“It’s Christmas and they shouldn’t be doing that,” Casagrande said.

It’s also costing many people a painful price.

“From $100 to even $1,000 in losses,” Baquera said.

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Casagrande said she’s very upset, but not enough to stop them from celebrating the rest.

“I was telling my friends I’m not gonna let the Grinch ruin our Christmas,” she said.

This community is sending a reminder to the Grinch not to come around here and better fear someone is watching, making a list and will be checking them off twice.

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“You know, humbug, stop and let people enjoy Christmas and let the neighbors enjoy with them,” said one Roseville resident.

Police recommend residents bring in what you can at night or at the very least try to use surveillance cameras to help police track down the thieves.

If it happens to you, be sure to report it.