MANTECA (CBS13) — City leaders in Manteca are preparing to debate on two proposed ordinances revolving around furry friends.

First, a new ordinance could put a limit on the number of dog and cats people can own. Second, they are also considering handing out citations to people who don’t pick up after their pets.

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The two proposed ordinances were created after a number of complaints from people over pets in certain parts of Manteca.

Pet owners including Elizabeth Perez are still trying to make sense of two ordinances city leaders are considering.

“You know, you can’t judge one person based on how they are taking care of their dogs compared to other people. I know at least for myself, I always pick up after my dog and I know a lot of people do as well,” she said.

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The proposed ordinance only allows people to have a maximum of three cats and three dogs per household.  It was created after city officials received complaints about pets not being taken care of properly.

“Even though six animals does seem like a lot but… for some people their animals are like their children,” said Perez.

The details of the ordinance are still being worked out.  For example, what if you currently have four dogs at home?  Where would the extra dog go? And which dog would be forced to leave?

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Leaders at Manteca’s animal services say it will be up to council members to decide.

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“This is just something that I think would be good for the city. It will help with barking complaints if people have four or five dogs. I think it will help if we limit the number,” said Carly Bozsik with Manteca Animal Services.

The second ordinance being considered requires pet owners to promptly pick up their pet’s feces on public sidewalks, city parks or other’s private property. If passed, those who do not promptly pick up after their pet could face a citation.

“People aren’t being responsible and picking it up. So people have been frustrated,” Bozsik said.

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Pet owners such as Frederick White says the council should worry about more important problems.

“There’s other things that could be put on the agenda. There are things they could be doing to help people out,” he said.

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City leaders are expected to take up the debate during their next council meeting which is on December 18th.