ORANGEVALE (CBS13) —Some drivers in Orangevale are treading lightly after finding small nails scattered across their neighborhood. It’s happening in the Central and Kenneth area, where multiple residents are reporting flat tires.

No one knows the cause of the problem for sure, but many say they believe it’s no accident.

“It’s like somebody’s literally going out there and sprinkling them around,” said Orangevale resident Shannon Will.

Hundreds of nails have been found scattered throughout the Orangevale neighborhood.

“If I find any I pick them up and throw them in the garbage,” said Orangevale resident Marilyn Cooke.

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They’re being found in the middle of streets, sometimes piled in gutters and in some cases they’re even in driveways. Will said she first noticed them two months ago and has been finding them nearly every day since.

“I’ve had about five in my tires,” said Will. “I pick up every one on my street and then it will be fine for a day, and the next day they’re all back again.”

Just two weeks ago, Inessa Mudrik woke up to a flat tire with two nails stuck inside.

“I was wondering, like, where I could have picked them up,” Mudrik said.

Just days ago, she says her dad found a pile of nails right below her driveway.

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“It could be a cruel joke who knows,” said Mudrik.

Just two doors down, Marilyn Cooke has to check all around her car before leaving home. A month ago, she had to buy new tires after finding nails stuck inside.

“I think it’s wrong and bad and whoever they are, they need to go to jail,” said Cooke.

Folks say there’s not much construction going on nearby and no good explanation about where these roofing nails are coming from.

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“That’s very suspicious. I mean somebody’s obviously doing this on purpose,” said Mudrik.

Will says she hopes her neighbors will be on the lookout to keep these nails off their streets.

“I hope somebody catches whoever is doing this and it stops.”

CBS13 did reach out to county officials who say this is the first they’ve heard of this problem and will look into it. Meanwhile, neighbors are hoping anyone in the area with security cameras will be willing to help keep an eye on the issue as well.