By Mugo Odigwe

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Another round of rain is here in the Sacramento area and officials are asking residents to take extra precautions to avoid flooding.

“It’s just really nice. I like the rain. I like the fresh smell,” said Sacramento resident, Hanna Schaffer

“We got a lot going so yeah trying to get in there before it starts coming down,” Dev Anglin added.

Not everyone is happy about it.

“We really don’t need that much rain. I’m not really a rain guy,” said Sacramento resident Royce Mitchell.

“I’m not ready for it. Not at all but it’s here and we need it,” resident Ayriana Lambert said.

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Of course, with the rain comes concerns about leaves and flooding.

“I live in midtown. It’s a whole lot of leaves everywhere piling up. Making little floods,” Lambert said.

That’s why the City of Sacramento is asking people to take extra precaution during this round of rain.

“We have about 15 claws out operating right now, but we’re not going to be in the entire city within the next couple of days,” said city public works official Erin Treadwell.

Treadwell said those leaf piles out on the streets should be moved.

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“If we’re not going to be in your street within the next couple of days and you do have a pile out, what we’re suggesting folks do is to go out get that pile, move it up unto your lawn,” Treadwell said.

Doing so allows water to get down to the storm drains as the rain moves through. Once the storm has passed, residents can move the piles back out.

“Best thing, keep an eye on those storm drains, work with your neighbors, and make sure they are cleared. It only takes a couple of leaves to potentially clog those drains,” Treadwell said.