SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Across the region, people have been struggling to avoid the bad air from the Camp Fire and many are turning to the Internet, willing to try anything to beat the smoke.

Doctors say trusting everything you read on the internet can be downright dangerous, especially when it comes to your health. As for the best way to detox from this choking smoke? Officials say it’s best to get away from the smoke altogether.

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“When people have smoke inhalation, really the only solution is to leave the area that’s smoky,” said Dr. Peter Alperin, Vice President at Doximity.

Despite that simple advice, a google search will map out ways to detox after smoke exposure. One suggestion that promises fast results is to use a Neti Pot.

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“There’s no good data to suggest that using a Neti Pot will in any way help [you] get better more quickly, nor will it have any significant effects in terms of improving your long-term health benefit,” Alperin said.

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Websites recommend people eat or drink certain foods, get IV fluid treatments, take a trip to the sauna, use crystals, or hot water. But Dr. Heidi Cohen says there’s no specific evidence that detoxing actually works. Instead, she says drinking plenty of water is your best bet.

“Staying hydrated is really important. Whether you do that with certain types of tea or water is up to you,” Cohen said.

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Mosen Paknya is visiting Sacramento from Sweden. His plan for dealing with the smoke includes a good sense of humor and some form of water.

“I’d rather have a beer and just forget about it,” Paknya said.

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So, before you dive into DIY-detox from this dreadful air, experts say be careful and check with your doctor first.