PATTERSON (CBS13) – As more and more road projects are being done statewide using SB 1 dollars, some people want to know when it’s their turn.

Viewer Jeff Moran filled out a form on

“When are they going to start repairing and repaving streets and potholes in Patterson?”

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CBS13 took Jeff’s question to the City Manager and found out:

“Prior to the passing of our local County Measure L and the Statewide SB 1 dollars, the City had very limited funds for roadway maintenance.  With these two funding mechanisms passing, we are now able to complete more street repair projects each year.  We recently opened bids for two roadway maintenance projects consisting of 16 streets throughout the City which will begin construction this fall, weather permitting. We have been prioritizing our roadway maintenance projects based a County wide study that characterizes our streets based on the condition of the street.  This characterization is called the PCI or the Pavement Condition Index.  We plan to perform multiple roadway repair/maintenance projects each year to better our streets to provide safe circulation throughout the City. “

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