WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Shocking video shows a dirt bike rider driving over a man on a West Sacramento levee.

Police are looking for the rider seen in an intense video circulating on social media showing the biker hitting the gas and gearing up.

It happened on a levee road in the Bridgeway Lake neighborhood last week. The crash knocked the victim to the ground, sending the phone flying as the rider sped off.

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“That’s pretty crazy to see that. I wouldn’t expect someone to accelerate and run him over,” said Michael Hedin, who lives along the levee and says dirt bikes use the road too. “We hear them every once in a while.”

Motor vehicles are off-limits to levee roads for a number of reasons.

“It’s dangerous if you’ve got dogs on leashes and long leashes, you don’t see them come around the corner,” said Brooksie Hughes who walks the levee with her two dogs.

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The vehicles can also destroy the levee, which is in place to protect the city from flooding.

“It’s concerning that it could damage the levee,” Hedin said.

Patrolling levee roads 24/7 is impossible, which is why neighbors report crimes and for instance here, taking video to prevent future riders.

The victim, who does not want to be identified, says he simply tried talking to the biker and instead was run over.

“That’s just the way people are treating each other, so it’s not all surprising to me, but I’ve never seen that up here,” said Susan McLaughlin or West Sac.

Especially concerning for those who use this levee road daily.

“That’s horrible, that’s just really bad,” Hughes added.

Hoping this biker obeys the rules of the road and stays off the levee.

The incident is under investigation, but police say they’re actively looking to speak to the driver.

Simply riding a dirt bike on the levee is considered an infraction and you could be ticketed, but if investigators find the driver intentionally hit the victim, he could be facing some serious charges.