SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Alicia Alley didn’t know a man on the other side of the world would change her life. Six years ago Alley was constantly hooked up to an IV receiving blood transfusions.

“She was receiving blood transfusions three to four times a week and really had no life,” said Michael Carroll, MD, the medical director of the Sutter Blood and Marrow Transplant program.

She needed a bone marrow transplant and after her brother wasn’t a match, she turned to the donor registry. Finally, Alley received a transplant from a German man, Holger Spengler.

Spengler and Alley finally met this week all thanks to Sutter Health. Spengler was incredibly humble about what he did for Alley.

“It was a matter of overwhelming and being curious. It was a fantastic experience,” Spengler said.

As for Alley, her life has completely turned around since the transplant.

“I’m not on any medication, my energy is back, and I’m back to life,” Alley said. “If I thanked him every day for the rest of my life it wouldn’t be enough.”

Both Alley’s doctor and her donor recommend everyone sign up to be an organ donor if they can.