SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — California Gov. Jerry Brown tells CBS13 News in one of his final interviews before leaving office that he might not be done with politics.

Yes, even after all these years.

“I’m not done yet. You’ll never know where I’ll pop up next,” Brown told us, adding “I got a lot on my agenda right at my fingertips, and when appropriate I’ll jump into some political causes and campaigns where I think I can do some good.”

Until then, Brown has a great deal on his plate in his waning days.

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We asked him about the controversial bill on his desk that would allow utility giants like PG&E to issue bonds to help pay for any damages in the event of a wildfire, then “pass on” some of that cost to ratepayers.

Brown denies that it’s a “bailout,” adding it’s a case of realizing PG&E is “too big to fail.”

The governor also answered critics who call him too soft on crime. He has commuted the sentences of 20 murderers who were serving life without parole. Brown has also handed out more than 11-hundred pardons and has commuted the sentences for 82 California Prisoners who may have had no chance of ever being paroled.

CBS13 asked the Governor, “What do you say to critics who worry that violent offenders are being let out?”

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Brown responded by saying, “I’d say look, California is very victim-friendly, but not everybody goes to prison forever. It should be some comfort to know that violent crimes today are lower than they’ve been in 20 or 30 years.”

The governor also responded to one of our “Ask Us” viewer questions. CBS13 viewer Eric Clark wanted us to ask him a specific question when it comes to fire prevention in our state.

Eric asks, “Why haven’t we cleared the brush more next to our state highways?”

The Governor gave us this response: “We do that and may not be doing it enough, so I’m glad your viewer brought that to my attention. Definitely, I’m going to be checking with that before the evening is out.”

How’s that for a quick response?