STOCKTON (CBS13) —  A close call came for a Stockton Family as a huge tree came crashing down onto their house in the very area where their children usually play.

The family is still trying to figure out exactly what caused the tree to fall, but it was a close call, to say the least. Fortunately, no was seriously hurt.

The tail end of the crash was caught on the family’s home security doorbell camera, but the aftermath is even worse.

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A huge California Oak tree crashed down onto the Stockton home of David and Lolita Alverson. It was around 2:30 p.m. Friday, and Lolita was leaving the house to pick up her kids from school when suddenly “it just [makes crashing sound].”

She can laugh at it now because no one was hurt. But she says if the kids had been home they could have very well been playing in that very spot.

The Alversons have other oak trees that are just as big and ominous, but the thing is, they can’t trim or cut them because the California Oak is a protected state tree.

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“They could have been out here. It’s scary. And to think that any one of these oak trees or trees could just go and we’re not even permitted to cut them. It’s kinda scary,” Lolita said.

The Alverson’s are still trying to determine exactly what brought it down, but they know the tree fell starting at the roots.

It may be a good thing the tree feel when it did because the Alversons said they were planning on using that very tree to build a tree house for their kids. Now they say they will build a playhouse from the group up and not depend on any of their trees to support it.