SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A former CHP patrol car was revived thanks to students at the Universal Technical Institute

It took several years of work to restore the 1979 Camaro Z-28 for officers.   

Students at the Universal Technical Institute put in long hours to bring the car back to life.

“We all just kinda pitched in together and made one big piece together,” said Cameron Cakey, UTI student.

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Rick Mattos retired from the CHP after 31 years of service. He remembers driving this car back in the late 70s and early 80s. Back then, it was known as a chaser car.

“They were having trouble keeping up and catching the faster cars so the chp tested and bought some pursuit vehicles,” Mattos said.  

UTI students rebuilt and restored the engine of the Camaro in the process of bringing it back to life, even though it will only sit in the CHP museum.  

While patrol vehicles look a bit different now, the same principles apply as they did forty years ago. Mattos says, “the basic sense of helping the public is still there and that’s the core of it all.”