STOCKTON (CBS13) — Police searching for a reckless archer whose arrows have found the hood of a car and a nearby business.

At least two arrows have now been found in east Stockton, one of them struck a vehicle in the street as the driver was waiting at a red light.

The incident happened not far from an auto repair shop where employees found an arrow in front of their business. When Allison Pineda saw the picture of the car with an arrow in its hood on social media she really didn’t think anything of it.

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“I was pulling into work today, and I’m like, opening up and everything and I glance over and I was like, um that’s interesting,” said Pineda.

She found an arrow by her family’s business, P&B Auto Repair. It’s similar to one the California Highway Patrol said damaged a woman’s car while she was at a stop light.

“If it’s happening often, well then, yeah, it’s scary because we’re in an area like this where we have a restaurant and we have quite a lot of people running through,” she said.

The CHP is continuing to investigate the origin of the arrows.

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Nearby residents and workers say they don’t want another arrow to land and damage more property, or worse, cause injury.

“I think it’s pretty reckless. If you ask me, it’s probably some kids having fun. Maybe they are intoxicated, may they are not, but you know it’s definitely a danger to our businesses and all our rentals going on here,” said Thomas Sousa, who lives in Stockton.

Archery experts in Stockton say the standard size of an arrow is 32 inches. Depending on the arrow, one can travel 500 yards using a crossbow. The arrows used for hunting travel only 80 yards.

“An arrow like that…definitely has some penetration force. I’d definitely be concerned; is there going to be another coming tomorrow? Or the next day, or do we have to start wearing hard hats around here?” he said.

Owners of the property are alerting businesses of the danger, but hope whoever is shooting the arrows will stop.