By Marc Woodfork

Mark Wahlberg is back in theaters this weekend playing a secret anti-terrorist agent in “Mile 22”.   Wahlberg and his crew are tasked with protecting and transporting a high-value asset that has information to help prevent a series of attacks across the globe. I personally love a good cat-and-mouse caper as much as the next person, the only caveat is that it has to be smart.

“Mile 22” is not.  However, the film is very entertaining if you are into ultra-violence and high body counts.  “Mile 22”, from the very start, is action, action, action.  There are very few moments when there aren’t any gunshots.  A few other plot points and subtext in the film also bothered me.

There were some unnecessary back stories with a couple characters attributed nothing to the story.  They became more of a distraction.

“Mile 22” plays more like the second film in a trilogy.  If the producers plan to franchise it, this story certainly should not have been the first.   If action is what you are looking to see this weekend, then “Mile 22” is your best bet.  Be warned though, after you leave the theater, you might feel like you just ran 22 miles.