VALLEJO (CBS13) – Court documents show the so-called “gone girl” convicted kidnapper, Matthew Muller, is now married. The court papers are part of a motion Muller filed to vacate his conviction.

The documents refer to the Harvard-educated attorney’s legal work with other inmates and reads, “Mr. Muller was assisted by his wife, Huei Dai, who obtained information and documents not available through prison library or research system. Together and in less than a year, they donated over 2,000 hours of their time and at least $1,200 in expenses towards inmates’ legal matters.

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Muller’s attorney would not comment on the newly-revealed relationship. People close to the case say Muller and the woman were together before he was sentenced.

The new court filings also claim Muller has become the target of a series of violent attacks.

In his own words, Muller writes he was sexually assaulted by one cellmate, and he continued, “I was then put in a cell with a different, almost equally volatile inmate. He attacked me, leaving me with multiple lacerations to my face…”

Muller is serving a 40-year sentence in the high-security U.S. Penitentiary Tuscon.

The sentence was part of a plea deal with federal prosecutors that Muller is now trying to vacate, claiming he received bad counsel and was forced into it.

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Muller’s conviction punctuated a wild kidnapping for ransom case.

Muller blindfolded and drugged Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn inside their Vallejo home, then took Huskins for several days, sexually assaulted her, demanded $8500, and ultimately let her free in Southern California.

Police initially called it an orchestrated hoax conceived by the victims who called for help before Muller was caught and convicted.

We reached out to Huskins and Quinn for their response to all these developments, but they declined to comment.