FOLSOM (CBS13) – Two are dead in an upscale Folsom neighborhood.

On Sunday afternoon gunfire was heard along King Way. It’s Folsom’s only shooting of the year.

Neighbor Brent Yager, who called 911, described the victim found at home as a nice guy.

“It wasn’t slow motion, it was in real time, it was very fast,” said he said.

There were shocking moments for Brent Yager, as he heard a loud commotion outside his home Sunday afternoon.

“A car going faster than anybody ever could in this neighborhood, 40-50 miles an hour,” Yager said.

Yager walked outside to investigate when he heard gunshots.

“I heard two more gunshots, again surreal…then ran as fast as I could back to the front door,” he said.

Yager says those shots were followed by what he believes was a woman screaming.

“’No, don’t, please, no, don’t,’” Yager said.

According to Yager, a white pickup was tailing one of the Audis at a home on King Way right before he heard shots ring out.

“Initial reports…it appears to be some type of domestic disturbance,” said Detective Donald Rowberry with Folsom Police.

It was a fight that ended with two men dead. Detectives say both men involved were armed with guns, but officers don’t yet know their relationship to one another.

It’s the first shooting this year for the police department.

“To have something like this definitely is out of the norm for us for our city,” Rowberry added.

One man died near the driveway and the other died on his way to the hospital. It was no ordinary Sunday for neighbors, especially not for Yager, whose young daughter usually plays outside.

“Before today, I would’ve never thought that would have happened here.”

The incident remains under investigation.