SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – With the high threat of fire danger and injuries across the region, there’s a crackdown on illegal fireworks.

“If we see them in action and we see them shooting illegal fireworks, they will be cited and it could be a misdemeanor or felony,” said Lauren Ono, Deputy Fire Marshal in Folsom.

The Folsom Fire Department has teamed up with Sac City, Sac Metro, and Roseville as a task force to fight this illegal behavior.

Already they’ve confiscated thousands of dollars of illegal fireworks.

“It’s not only a danger to themselves but the property around them especially this fire season and we have a lot going on,” Ono said.

Crews responded to a dumpster fire that was dangerously close to a firework stand in Sac County.

“We just saw smoke coming from over here and it kind of freaked me out,” said Serena Gaddis who runs the stand. “I thought we were going to have to run for it.”

It’s unclear whether the explosives are the culprits this time, but in the past week, there have been several fires.

“We did have a grass fire in the south area that was caused by illegal fireworks,” said Fire Marshal Lisa Barsdale with Sac Metro Fire.

The fireworks come in bright colored packages and may look innocent enough, but these illegal fireworks firefighters say could easily blow off your arm or even kill you.

“The illegal fireworks that we are concerned about are the aerial fireworks that are going to shoot off from the ground,” Ono said.

With recent winds, there’s an imminent risk of causing major damage and the penalties can be severe.

“Starting a fire with an illegal firework again that can be a felony. You could be arrested and go to jail,” Ono said. “We want people to enjoy the fourth, we want people have fun, and do it safely.”