NORWOOD, Massachusetts (CBSDFW.COM) – The Fourth of July holiday is a time when many Americans like to show their patriotism in different ways, but one Massachusetts man takes it to another level.

Arthur McCann of Norwood, transformed his front lawn into a red, white and blue American flag complete with 50 stars and 13 stripes. He used field paint, stencils and measuring tape to get it right.

flag lawn in Massachusetts (WBZ)

He said he comes from a patriotic family, with a grandfather who served in World War II, and wants to show respect for veterans and others serving their country.

flag lawn in Massachusetts (WBZ)

McCann said he has a big Independence Day party every year. He says the response to the lawn flag from those in town, is quote, “through the roof,” with people standing on the roof of their cars to take pictures with their kids in front of the flag.

Arthur McCann (WBZ)

“I just love America and the freedom and opportunities it gives and I love to be creative,” said McCann. “I really, I’m like blown away, that people, like, stand on the roof of their car, and take pictures with their kids here. It’s like, it’s really rewarding for me. It’s so cool.”

flag lawn in Massachusetts (WBZ)


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