SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – As dozens of families celebrate the July 4 holiday along the American river, there’s a warning about high levels of E. coli bacteria contamination. The state water board issued the warning Monday as a result of weekly testing along certain parts of the river.

As you can imagine, the river is a popular place for folks to enjoy the 4th of July. Many are not even aware of the E. coli levels others came prepared knowing the precautions to take.

But the county says while some of the levels are high, it doesn’t mean it poses a risk to the public.

“Along certain stretches of the American River, there are potentially harmful levels of E. coli bacteria,” said Janis Enriquez, who lives along the river.

The latest tests of water samples near Tiscornia Beach, Discovery Park, Sutter’s Landing Park, and Steelhead Creek revealed that E. coli levels are higher than the standard set by the Environmental protection agency.

According to a new online map, the highest E. coli level was recorded this week at Sutter’s Landing.

See the E. coli monitoring results for the American River Parkway

“They should send out an alert to alert the community for people who pay for these parks, pay money to get in, and let us know ’cause as a parent like myself, I’m very concerned,” said Enriquez.

“They haven’t identified the source of E. coli yet,” said. “There are hundreds of strains of E. coli. Only very few put your health at risk,” said Kim Nava, a Sacramento County spokesperson.

Nava says without knowing the source of the contamination, there’s no need for major concern.

The county urges users swimmers to be cautious, offering these tips:

1. Do not drink water
2. Do not cook or wash dishes
3. Never change diapers near water
4. Do not swim when I’ll
5. Do not swim with cuts or open sores

In the last few years, there have been no reports of illness on the river.