STOCKTON (CBS13) — Firefighters rescued a dog from a blaze that destroyed a neighboring home in Stockton.

Firefighters rescued the dog and captured it on video from a helmet camera. It all happened on Chatsworth Circle, north of West Hammer Lane.

The dog that was rescued by firefighters didn’t live at the burned home. He actually belongs to the family that lives right next door.

Large flames and heavy smoke filled a north Stockton home within minutes. Firefighters faced extreme heat while they worked to clear the two-story structure.

“The first engine pulled a two and a half inch hose line which is a bigger hose line than normal and made a fire attack. We weren’t sure if anybody was home at the house,” said Shannon Lewis, battalion chief for Stockton Fire.

The fire spread quickly, destroying a neighbor’s shed and a dog house inside a kennel. Firefighters were working to put out the flames when they noticed something.

“Hey, we got a dog out here,” said one of the firefighters in the video.

His name is Rocky. A 7-year old pit bull mix that was inside his kennel. This video captured by Stockton fire shows just how close those flames were to Rocky as firefighters rescued him.

“He’s traumatized. When I got here, he was inside the back of the police car, and I tried to get him to get out and to go back to his kennel but he was so afraid, he didn’t want to get out,” said Tyler Moua, who owns Rocky.

Stockton firefighters are still investigating the cause of the blaze. Owners of the home were not injured and are okay. As for Moua family – they are just thankful rocky made it out alive.

“Everybody was really worried, you know, because he is part of the family. To me, he’s like my best friend,” said Ken Moua, who owns Rocky.

Neighbors say the couple that lived here were actually planning to head to Hawaii on vacation before their home was destroyed by the fire.