SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Voters have until 11:59 pm May 21 to register to vote, or change their voter registration, for the upcoming June 5 primary.

You can register or change your address on Online registration is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindo, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Unsure if you’re registered? You can check on You can also check your registered address, political party preference, language preference, the status of your vote-by-mail or provisional ballot, and find your polling place.

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Who needs to re-register? Anyone who moved to a new permanent residence, changed their name, or changed their political party.

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What if you don’t register in time? You have a new option called “Conditional voter registration.” You must go to your county elections office or a designated satellite location to register and vote. Those ballots are counted once the county office finishes the voter registration verification process.