By Marc Woodfork


He’s back.  Our favorite sarcastic, vulgar, ultra-violent, one of a kind superhero.  This time around, he’s even more over the top.  Ryan Reynolds is at it again playing the lead character Deadpool.  Only this time around the novelty that is Deadpool is over.  Deadpool 2 offers up the same schtick times 10.  The filmmakers went back to well too often.  Everything that we thought was charming about the first film has now become boring and cliched.  An average story and an even less than average script doesn’t help the cause.  There’s only so much snarkiness a person can take before you become tired of it.

Every scene in the film seemingly tries to one-up the previous scene with more sarcasm or more violence.  Halfway through, I wished Deadpool would just stop talking.  He’s like the one kid in class that won’t stop asking the teacher questions when everyone else is waiting to leave.  For the purist, Deadpool 2 offers everything you’d expect.  The choreography in the fight scenes are great.  Those that loved the violent nature of the first film, certainly won’t be disappointed.  The director does well at taking the audience for a wild, energetic and sometimes schizophrenic ride.

The overall story lacks the uniqueness and charm that the first film had.  The support cast isn’t good enough to carry the film without Deadpool being on camera.  I wouldn’t say Deadpool 2 is a bad film, I think the character has potential to be one of the most popular super heroes, The film just needed something fresh and not just a lot more of the same.  It has become a caricature of itself.