MARYSVILLE (CBS13) — A teenage Sacramento rapper is under arrest for armed robbery, and police say they identified him from his own rap videos.

Marysville police are not releasing his name because he is a minor, but his stage name is BOE Sosa.

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The 16-year-old has built a reputation as an up-and-coming Northern California rap artist and his videos have garnered 5 million views on YouTube (WARNING: Explicit language).

(Credit: Johnny Callen/Bijan Productions)

Police say BOE Sosa used a gun to steal three pounds of marijuana after he responded to an online advertisement.

In the Oak Park neighboorhood where the rapper hails from, BOE Sosa is known as a musical success story. Fans of his music say the rapper’s lyrics describe the tough streets where he grew up.

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“It’s art,” Oak Park resident Darren McMillan said. “It’s creative in his own way because, you know, it’s the Oak Park culture. Not a lot of good things happen out here.”

“…Not a lot of good things happen out here.” – Darren McMillan, Oak Park resident

Now it’s the videos with millions of views, making BOE Sosa a success, that led to his arrest.

“People are going to really question his character, but for me no,” McMillan said. “I still think he’s the same person he is. He’s a successful artist — and I pray for him. I hope he gets out of it, you know.”

BOE Sosa is being held in Yuba County. A judge is deciding whether he should be tried as an adult. If he is, he could face a 10-year sentence.

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