SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Nearly 80% of people use their commute for “me-time” and relaxation, according to a survey.

Researchers asked 1,636 people about behaviors they see, bad habits they exhibit, and types of activities they perform while driving.

  • 40% love driving and being in the car
  • 38% are likely to swear at others when experiencing road rage
  • 15% of drivers are annoyed or angry while driving
  • 13% admit being fatigued
  • 7% read on smart device

The survey also focused on the habits of 5 cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC.

  • Atlanta drivers are most likely to drink iced tea; least likely to be annoyed or angry
  • Chicago drivers are most likely to be zoned out or daydreaming; spend drives singing, listening to music, drinking coffee
  • Houston drivers feel content, eat and drink; admit to being distracted by smartphones and picking their nose
  • LA drivers are most likely to be stressed; ranks worst for commuter friendliness, commuting time, and congestion
  • Washington, DC drivers are most likely to feel annoyed, angry, exhausted, most likely to swear, 20% read on phone