MODESTO (CBS13) – A man died in police custody after a struggle with deputies in Modesto, authorities say.

The incident happened Saturday morning in the parking lot of the Country Girl Truck Stop along South 7th Street in Modesto. According to the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department, 38-year-old Modesto resident Alejandro Sanchez flagged down some deputies for help.

Apparently, the man’s truck was not working. While investigating, the deputies found that the truck was not registered.

Deputies say Sanchez got upset when they told him he would be cited for the lack of registration on the truck. More deputies were soon called to the scene to help take the allegedly combative Sanchez into custody.

Sanchez was taken to a hospital to be check out, but while being transported he became unresponsive.

Deputies say Sanchez was soon pronounced dead at the hospital.

The full details of the confrontation between Sanchez and the deputies is not being released at this point.