VALPARAISO, Ind. (CBS) — A woman got sweet revenge after being fat shamed at a bakery in Indiana.

On March 31, Vega Blossom spent $54 on cupcakes. She wasn’t overcharged for the treats but bought all the bakery had in response to rude remarks uttered by the woman behind her in line.

Blossom posted about her negative moment in the bakery to Facebook, beginning her post with, “Tonight, i was really petty.”

She went on to say that a local bakery was having a sale on everything before they closed that night, so Blossom went to the shop. She says while standing in line, she heard the woman behind her talking rudely, and when Blossom was at the front of the line, the woman reportedly called her fat and said out loud she wished Blossom wouldn’t buy all the cupcakes.

Blossom said she was only going to buy six, but after the woman’s fat-shaming remarks, she bought them all.

Her post about the incident has been “liked” on Facebook over 100,000 times.

Here is the full post: