LINCOLN (CBS13) – Schools in Placer County are getting a new security system, and it’s all thanks to a local church.

Every classroom in Western Placer Unified School District will soon have a security device to keep out intruders.

“People really want to know ‘If I’m on campus, can I keep my classroom safe?’” said Scott Leaman, superintendent for the district.

There are 325 classrooms in the district and securing every one costs about $42,000. But Summit Church in Lincoln decided that footing the bill is worth every penny.

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“We’ve already starting hearing some excitement from people and a sense of relief,” said Chris Jung, lead pastor at Summit Church.

Jung has heard concerns from his congregation over and over again since February’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

“In a town like Lincoln, though it’s small, is still a potential target for somebody who has an agenda,” he said.

So he started researching and came up with a solution. A security device called the Barracuda that teachers can put in place in just seconds.

“It secures doors that swing outwardly,” he explained.

Once the device is securely on the door, it cannot be unlocked even if you have a key.

Each device costs $125 and with more than 300 classrooms in the district, it’s a large investment.

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Leaman was shocked to learn Summit Church planned to cover most of the cost: $25,000 to make sure every door in the district is protected.

“It was such a relief and such a gift,” he told CBS13.

The church still looking for $17,000 more in donations to install the devices by the fall of 2018.

“Hopefully, with the tipping point, someone says ‘this school is a safe school, there’s just no use going into it!'” Leaman said.

And even though Jung is hustling to get the devices delivered, he prays the doors stay unlocked while students are inside.

“We hope they get to throw these away and never have used them,” Jung said.

The District also plans to install perimeter fences around each school and keep classrooms stocked with supplies in the event of a lockdown. And as far the additional money to raise, Jung says the church has already gotten some donations from local businesses.

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