SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — King Joseph lived just a few doors down from Stephon Clark.

“I walked over there and saw it. I was crying,” said Joseph.

Joseph, 19, walked with us through his community of Meadowview, explaining the daily struggle.

“I don’t see nobody out here trying to get everybody together, trying to talk to us, trying to get the young men together,” he said.

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But just up the street, activist Berry Accius vows to fight gun violence with new infrastructure, libraries, and activity centers.

“When you go down to Meadowview, what do you see? Churches, barber shops and food deserts. That’s not what you call equity,” said Accius.

Accius was one of the hundreds who hit the streets in protests since the Stephon Clark shooting.

And a new coalition emerged: Build. Black.

Sacramento Pastor Les Simmons is the founder.

“The first next step is to make sure justice happens for Stephon Clark and the rest of the Stephon Clarks in Sacramento,” said Simmons.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg promises to get to work right away.

“We need to do many things at the same time and in the same sense of urgency, to be able to actually dramatically increase our attention not just in Meadowview, but in low-income neighborhoods of Sacramento,” said Mayor Steinberg.

Joseph says he’ll be watching closely.

“I’m out here every single day,” he said.

The mayor doesn’t have a timeline for new development, but there is another city council meeting on April 10 dedicated to the topic of police reform.

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