WILTON (CBS 13) — A flood warning is in effect in the Wilton area. The Consumnes River at Michigan Bar is expected to swell up to 12 feet on Thursday.

Sacramento County Water Resources is advising residents to take extra precautions to protect their property.

Rising river levels put some locals on edge around Wilton and Thornton — two towns hit hard by flooding last year.

“I drove over to Galt down Twin Cities Road because I know that flooded significantly last time, it looked like it was just normal runoff,” said Brian Perry.

Perry frequently monitors the Cosumnes River during rainstorms to gauge the flooding potential in his neighborhood.

“Most of the danger we faced last time was the broken levee,” Perry added.

Perry is still on the lookout and says he’d rather be safe than sorry.

“We do not want hail!” exclaimed Ken Kramer, who runs Cosumnes River Farms.

The storm has Kramer feeling nervous about his grape vines.
Although flooding isn’t a major concern for him right now, he says any hail or frost could ruin his harvest.

“I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it’s not too bad,” Kramer said.

While Sacramento County officials expect potential flooding in the Wilton area, Kramer says he’s not going anywhere.

He’s welcoming all the water his farm can get.

“This is a Godsend, this is the March miracle we were looking for,” said Kramer.

A sandbag station is now open at the Wilton Fire Department.
The flood watch will be in effect through Friday morning.